Selling Your Home

Check List

Cleaning and Maintenance:
Windows, sills, and screens Walls and floor
Tile Ceilings
Cupboards and drawers Kitchen
Bathrooms Light fixtures
Ceiling fans Carpet and rugs
Mirrors Garage
Attic Basement
Laundry room Yard
Replace furnace filter Gutters
Dust furniture, TV and computer screens Closets
Remove clutter Pack personal items

Leaky faucets and plumbing Torn screens
Slow drains Gutters
Loose doorknobs Deck boards
Broken windows Electrical fixtures
Water stain damage Broken appliances
Damaged walls and ceilings Worn carpet and rugs
Damaged sidewalks and steps  

Stain or paint deck Store tools
Roll up garden hose Paint or stain exterior
Prune bushes and hedges Trim trees
Mow lawn, fertilize, edge, and trim Weed gardens, plant flowers
Shovel driveways, de-ice Stack firewood
lean out birdbaths Caulk windows and doors
Repair and paint fence Seal asphalt driveway
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Make sure doors close properly Enhance entryway
Replace welcome mat  
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Here are some ideas for increasing your home's appeal to sell quickly at the best price: