Real Estate

Selling a Home in Saugeen Shores, Ontario.

In Saugeen Shores the Real Estate Market is strong. As Sellers it is very important to price your property correctly. It is currently a Buyers market so as a Seller you want your house to be priced right to get a quick sell. Give me a call if I can help you sell your home.

Economy is good along Lake Huron and high real estate prices are causing an overflow of people to consider smaller local towns like Tara and Paisley where similar properties might sell for 10 to 15% less. Strong desire for clean fresh air, more relaxed living than in cities, multitude of things to do and our clean fresh waters and sand beaches have always drawn people to this area.

The Right Selling Price
When you're selling your home, the price you set is a critical factor in the return you'll receive. Learn several factors to base the assessment of your home.

Common Selling Mistakes
Learn the top nine selling mistakes and what steps you can take to avoid them.

Selling Your Home - Where Do You Begin?
Remember what first attracted you to your house when you bought it? What excited you about its most appealing features? Now that you're selling your home, you'll need to look at it as if you were buying it all over again.